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At What Age Can Kids Get a Job?

By: Rachel Newcombe - Updated: 23 Apr 2017 | comments*Discuss
At What Age Can Kids Get A Job?

Having a job can give kids much-needed responsibility, help them learn new skills, commit to deadlines and meet new people. But at what age can your kids get a job outside of the home?

There are many benefits to be had for kids who have a job at a weekend, or in the evenings, not least that of earning their own money. Even though they may have earned some money from doing jobs around the home in the past, when they’re working for someone else, they’ll need to be more responsible, manage their time properly and respond well to instructions – all of which don’t always work out effectively when simply working for mum or dad!

Of course, kids can’t just go out and get a job whenever they feel like it. In fact, for under 18 year old who want to work, there are some restrictions regarding at what age they can work, what type of work they can do and when they can do it.

When Can Kids Work?

The earliest age at which a child can work is 13 years old – before that, they can not be legally employed, although they are allowed to take part in what the government classes as ‘paid sport’ or ‘entertainment’.

When kids reach the age of 13, they’re legally allowed to be employed to do light work. Light work is classed as anything that doesn’t affect a kids safety, education or health and could be jobs such as a paper round or working in a shop.

At the age of 14, the net widens slightly, and kids can be employed in a greater variety of jobs.

Once the age of 16 is reached, the restrictions ease, and kids are now classed as a young worker. There’s more choice available in the type of work that can be legally carried out. This increases again at the age of 18, when adult work rights kick in.

What Hours Can Kids Work?

There are quite strict rules and regulations regarding the number of hours kids of different ages are allowed to work, plus the time of day they’re permitted to do employed work.

In the case of 14 year olds, they’re allowed to work:

  • For two hours on weekdays and Sundays during term time.
  • For five hours on Saturdays during term time.
  • For up to five hours on a week day or a Saturday during school holidays.
  • For no more than two hours on a Sunday during school holidays.
They’re also not allowed to work before 7.00am or after 7.00pm on any day.

For 15 and 16 year olds who are still at school, the rules are basically the same as those for 14 year olds. The only difference is that they’re allowed to work for up to eight hours during school holidays or on Saturdays.

There are fewer restrictions governing the working hours of 16 and 17 year olds, who are classed as young workers.

If you have any worries regarding the employment of kids in your area, or are concerned about the type of job they should or shouldn’t be doing, then your local authority is a good port of call for queries.

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@soldier - you are still young at 11, unless you want a paper round. Why don't you start your own business doing something you're good at. It's the best way to make money. Buy and sell, fix things, make things..the world is yours to conquer :)
JennyT - 24-Apr-17 @ 12:43 PM
I am 11 and I'm desperate for a job so I can start learning new stuff and earn money at the same time
soldier - 23-Apr-17 @ 9:06 PM
Agie - Your Question:
I am 13 years old willing to work in a shop if anybody has a job they might I have I am willing to do it I am a very fast learner and I am available after 4 pm

Our Response:
You would have to apply to your local shops directly. However, as specified in the article due to your age you will be limited and able to only get a job doing light work, such taking on a paper round.
GrowingKids - 8-Sep-16 @ 10:26 AM
I am 13 years old willing to work in a shop if anybody has a job they might I have I am willing to do it I am a very fast learner and I am available after 4 pm
Agie - 7-Sep-16 @ 5:44 AM
Hi can eneyone help me I'm looking for a part time job I'm twelve
Tp - 25-Jun-16 @ 8:03 PM
LAYLA - 25-Jun-16 @ 4:48 PM
i am 10 and i really want a job for a horse as i really need one as my dad needs to get back to the cattle rounding but he has no horses and i have to get a horse as i am drawn to horses, what age can i get a equestrian job?
Katie - 6-Jun-16 @ 5:56 PM
people 8 and over should be allowed to get a job that you can get payed for
Tiimy - 9-May-16 @ 10:44 PM
worked from age 11 im now 43,was running a cafe at age 13 due to the owner being a drunk... i look back on my life and am amazed how forward i was,kids getting jobs or earning for rhemselves is good...obviously not aged 11
bane - 8-Jan-16 @ 11:12 PM
I'm twelve but still want a jib cause I'm saving for my own horse can anyone recommend a job for me??
Angel-Marie Lynch-Fi - 1-Jan-16 @ 3:37 PM
can you apply for can job because i am looking for a part time job and when i am older i want to be an midwife and i really want a part time job. thanyou very much for you help ......
m.t - 16-Oct-15 @ 11:37 AM
I think 12 year old should be able to hold a job.
Zozo - 24-Mar-15 @ 4:33 PM
@boby; How come you're an 'kids'?
Eliana - 17-Oct-14 @ 12:11 PM
@Shauna, It depends on your state you live. But, It isn't legal to work around your age. Basically as you read this article you would've understand by now that you at least need to 13-14 to get a job. By job, they didn't mean an adult kind of job, you don't have enough qualification to get those kind of job. They are basically trying to say basic jobs.. I would still like to know; why you want a job when you're only 12? If you want to earn money then you can just help your parents/Neighbours to earn money.
Eliana - 17-Oct-14 @ 12:05 PM
hi i am Shauna and i am 12 could i get a job
shaunaflannigan - 30-Aug-14 @ 6:50 PM
Hi I'm a kids but I'm still handy
Boby - 24-Aug-14 @ 3:08 PM
I need a job to earn money and im turning 13 on 16th august 2001 I don't mind what job just as long as I have one
salsela - 4-Aug-14 @ 6:35 PM
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