Aeroplane and Hotel Food

Finding things that your kids will eat can be tough enough when you are at home. On holiday, it can be nearly impossible.

Aeroplane food often holds little appeal for adults, let alone children. Hotels and resorts vary quite a lot – some feature a nice variety of kid-friendly foods while others offer very little in the way of kid cuisine.

You don’t want to spend your entire holiday worrying whether your kids are eating enough – the best way to avoid this is to plan ahead.

On Aeroplanes

Airlines make every effort to see that their customers are comfortable and happy, from the youngest one up.

Many airlines offer specialty children’s meals similar to those found at their favourite fast food establishments, consistent kid-pleasers. Infant meals of pureed fruits and vegetables are sometimes available upon request, too, but it is necessary to ask in advance.

If your child has special dietary needs, such as for diabetes or food allergies, be sure to mention this when making your reservation so that you can request appropriate meals.

It’s always a good idea to pack a few snacks for your children in your hand luggage, just in case they are unable or unwilling to eat what is served onboard.

Be sure to bring along a bottle or beaker for babies and young children and encourage them to drink during take-off and landing to avoid ear discomfort. Older children can suck on hard boiled sweets to keep their ears from popping.

Hotels and Resorts

Most hotel and resort restaurants usually offer at least some items that are meant to appeal to kids.

Whether or not your kids will find them appealing is another matter. If your child tends to be a picky eater, it’s a good idea to check ahead of time about the children’s menu.

If your preferred hotel doesn’t offer foods that your child currently likes, you have a few choices. You could simply choose to stay somewhere else, or you could introduce your child to a few new foods in advance of your trip.

Don’t be surprised if your children are willing to eat things while on holiday that they would never touch at home. Some children are a bit more adventurous when they are away from home.

Some family friendly hotels and resorts offer specials that include discounted (or even free) meals for children.

In addition to saving you some money, such places are highly likely to offer some of your children’s favourites, such as chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and toasted cheese sandwiches.

Food Safety and Nutrition

All major airlines exercise caution about food safety. They are careful to keep foods at safe temperatures and to store both hot and cold foods properly. At hotels and resorts, the policies will vary from location to location.

If you stick with well known chains, you can be somewhat assured that the restaurant is operating up to safety codes.

At individually owned locations, the standards may or may not be as strict. Trust your instincts – if a place seems unclean or disorganised, choose somewhere else to eat.

When it comes to nutrition, most people feel comfortable to relax their rules a bit on holiday.

Although you don’t want to feed your children a steady diet of junk food for the entire week, it won’t hurt them to indulge a bit more than they would at home.

An ice cream sundae in the afternoon or an evening meal of cheesy pizza will make them happy and in the long run, won’t harm their overall nutritional status. Relax, you’re on holiday!

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