Bottled Water Vs Tap

Whether you drink water straight from the kitchen tap, or prefer to unscrew a luxury, flavoured or vitamin enhanced water, the fact remains that the British Dietetic Association advises adults to consume six to eight glasses of water per day.

For children, based on their size and weight, the number of glasses may be lowered slightly.

Though the medical and dietetic associations do not weigh in on the tap versus bottled water debate, many parents may still wonder which is better for their children.

In all honesty, the answer probably depends on your purse and taste preferences!

Tipple from the Tap

Due to laws known as the Water Quality Regulations, drinking water in the United Kingdom must meet certain minimum standards of health and safety.

Sometimes in order meet these standards water purification processes are used, which could result in a slight after taste in your tap water.

It may be your personal preference that you would rather not drink processed water, but be assured that there is nothing wrong with drinking such water in regards to your health.

In fact, tap water may be fluoridated in your area, making it an important source of fluoride for healthy teeth and the prevention of tooth decay.

In addition to its safety standards, you might consider giving your children a tipple from the tap because:

  • Drinking enough water is essential to health, and tap water includes no added sugar, caffeine or calories.
  • Tap water is extremely economical, costing mere pence per day for drinking water.
  • Tap water is supplied right from you very own home.
  • Tap water can be drunk from glasses, rather than running the risk of toxins leaching into water from plastic containers.
  • We are fortunate to have a clean supply of water running from our taps. Make use of it!

Turn of the Cap

Many parents have worried lately that the UK’s tap water supply could become compromised, or that because it is processed it will be unsafe for their children to drink.

While these concerns may be common, they are generally unfounded. However, those that turn to bottled water may reap a variety of benefits, including:

  • Unflavoured bottled water contains no added sugars, caffeine or calories.
  • Flavoured bottled water may appeal to your child’s tastes, and result in greater consumption.
  • Enhanced water may contain extra vitamins and minerals.
  • Industry standards ensure the safety of bottled drinking water.
  • Bottled water is convenient to bring with you to sports, social events and even out shopping!

Throughout the United Kingdom, sales of bottled water have surged as high as several hundred thousand pounds per year.

Yet with science still undecided if it has an edge over tap water in regards to health and safety, it is up to you to decide which you prefer.

From tap water to still water to strawberry water to sparkling water, the options are a dazzling array.

Find your favourite and forget the debate, just make sure you drink enough to stay fit!

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