Naughty child

Handling Grandchildren’s Bad Behaviour

When children behave in a manner that their grandparents see as rude or ill-mannered, it can cause difficulties in the family. One grandmother shares her advice on handling this awkward situation.

Child Playing

Providing Daycare for Grandchildren

A set of grandparents shares their experience about providing daycare for their grandchildren, and offers advice for other grandparents who may be considering the same.

Grandmother with her Granddaughter

The Reluctant Grandparent

A grandmother shares her struggle to accept her personal version of grandparenting and to understand that different doesn’t mean wrong.

Looking out to see with grandkids

Becoming a Grandparent at an Early Age

One grandmother’s story of how she helped her daughter when the girl became unexpectedly pregnant before she was ready to take on the responsibility of parenthood.

Distant grandparent

Grandparenting from a Distance

A look at one grandmother’s experience in building strong and loving bonds with her grandkids, who do not live near her.