Children of Working Parents: A Case Study

It is a fact that we now have more working parents in the UK than at any other time. This is particularly true at the moment with the credit crunch and recession that is currently gripping the nation.

Impact on Family Life

One of the major concerns that all working parents have, is the impact of their jobs and careers on their children and family life.

Working is a necessity not a choice for most parents, and the guilt that is associated with leaving your children while you work can have an enormous impact.

Adjustment Can Take Time

However, most children are largely unaffected by the fact that their parents work, and if they have been cared for in nursery or by a nanny or au pair since they were very young, they will be used to either one or both of their parents being away from the home for certain periods of time.

Working Parents

For sisters Emily and Georgina now aged 13 and 16, they have grow up with working parents and are used to both of their parents working and being away for periods of time.

Spending Time Together

Georgina said: “Mum and Dad split up a few years ago, but Mum had always worked anyway-at least part time. I think it’s quite normal for parents to work, most of my friends have working parents. When we were very young it was hard sometimes because Mum’s job meant she had to work in the school holidays, but she made up for it by taking two or three weeks off at a time so we could spend time together.

Away From Home

“Last year Mum was offered a fabulous job that meant she had to work away for weeks on end and only came home for a few days at a time.

Her job also changed at the last minute so quite often she had to pack and leave for an airport quite quickly. We had housekeepers and au pairs to look after us and we weren’t that keen at first!

However, we soon got used to it and although we missed Mum, we had a great time when she came home so it was worth it!”

Harder For Children Who Are Not Used to Working Parents

Emily added: “Because we are used to our Mum working, we have grown up with it and it’s fine. Sometimes she works from home which is great, and we are both old enough now to look after ourselves a lot of the time.

I think that for children who have always had their parents around it must be very hard to get used to them both going out to work all the time, but you do adjust to it and it is fine really.”

Family Finances

With budgets getting tighter all the time and the cost of living continuing to rise, chances are that more parents will be returning to work to contribute to the family finances.

With thought and preparation, children will adjust to this change in circumstances and soon get used to the idea that Mum and Dad both have jobs.

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