Coping at The School Disco

The school disco can be a frightening, exhilarating, embarrassing, enlightening experience. Friendships can be tested, relationships can start and end, and everyone has to figure out how to look good on the dance floor. As a microcosm of the world, the school disco can be intense! Help your teenager relax before their big night with a variety of helpful hints.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Sometimes they dance all night, sometimes they support the walls – there’s just no telling what will happen at the school disco. Help your teen prepare by being patient with the loud music, because chances are they are up there practicing in front of the mirror. In the event that your teenager breaks down and asks you for help, forego the twist and instead point them to such pop culture gems as:

  • MTV – check out what the dancers are doing, but remind your teen that clothes stay on!
  • A local dance class – hip hop has street cred and so will your kids if they can master these high energy dances.
  • A dance DVD – but keep that just between you and your teen.

Dress the Part

Part dance party, part fashion show, at the school disco image matters. If it is in your budget, a sure fire way to help you teen relax and gain confidence is a mini shopping spree. Set the ground rules before you go, but remember how the right outfit can make anyone feel better.

  • Set a total budget before you shop.
  • Peruse a few teen magazines so you know what is in style.
  • Talk with your teen about what they need and what they want.
  • Discuss your ideas before you hit the shops.
  • Tell your teen straight out if you find something inappropriate or in bad taste.
  • If your teen is shopping alone, remind them of what your rules before they go.

Remember the Rules

Before your teenager heads out the door, take the chance to have a quiet talk about your rules. Remind you teenager that:

  • Smoking, drinking and drugs are unacceptable and illegal.
  • Peer pressure can be tough, buy you have confidence that they won’t do anything they don’t want to do.
  • Gossip gets out – anything they may do that they think will be private has a strange way of getting around the next day‚Ķ
  • You expect them to be home by their curfew.

Parents Can Be an Embarrassment

No matter how cool you feel, teenagers find their parents embarrassing. Don’t bother to fight it, instead give your teen a little space and consider:

  • Not making a spectacle of taking pictures before the event.
  • Whispering quietly that you hope they have fun.
  • Dropping them off or picking them up away from the crowd.
  • Waiting in the car until they emerge.
  • Trusting them to stay with friends and use public transport safely.
  • Asking if they had a good time, but not asking for an exact replay of the evening.
  • Inviting their friends to stay over after the disco, but not with the ulterior motive of overhearing their conversations.

Like most of the world, school discos have changed since you last attended one. As a parent it can seem scary to let your teen go off into the night, but now is the time to trust that you have raised your teen to be rational and responsible. Let your teen know that you are around if they need you, but that you are sure they can cope with the school disco brilliantly on their own!