Running track

Athletics for Teens

Many athletes become serious about their training when they hit their teens. This article offers information about athletics and advice on helping teens train.

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The Walking Bus

The Walking Bus is a safe, fun and healthy way for children to commute to and from school. If a Walking Bus does not exist in your area, consider creating one yourself.

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Athletics for Kids

Children greatly benefit from an active lifestyle, and athletics is a wonderful activity for any child. This article discusses the benefits of athletics for children and their parents, and provides information on finding more information on athletics for your child.

3 kids on their bikes

Cycling to School

Bicycling to school is an easy, economical and enjoyable way for children aged ten and older to commute. A variety of tips and hints will help get you and your older child ready to cycle to school.

Kids swimming

Swimming for Fun and Competition

Whether for fun or competition, swimming is a great activity for children, helping develop fitness, sporting interests and vital life-saving skills

Child playing football

Team Games

Partaking in team games is a common childhood activity. This article explains the benefits for children of participating in team games, offers suggestions for finding a team game for your child, and provides information on making your child’s participation a success.

Dancing child

Dance for Kids

A variety of children’s dance classes exist today. This article describes the most popular types of dance classes for kids, and reminds parents of points to consider before committing to any particular dance style or dance studio.


Gymnastics for Kids and Teens

A look at the benefits of gymnastics training for kids and teens. Stresses the importance of fun and fitness, as well as developing self confidence.

Young child playing tennis

Getting Children Involved in Tennis

Over three million people play tennis in the UK. This article gives information on the game, as well as advice for getting children involved in this exciting, energetic sport.

Children playing football

Football for Kids

From informal matches in the park to professional leagues, a football frenzy has swept the UK. This article offers information on the sport of football, and on getting your child involved in organised youth football leagues.

Young boy playing golf

Golf For Kids

Golf is a great family game that has become popular with younger participants. This article provides a quick summary of the game of golf, and offers hints to parents hoping to get their children more involved with golf.

Kid's martial arts

Martial Arts and Kids

Martial arts are now common place in Western culture but many parents worry that they are too violent to be practiced by children. This article describes the most common forms of martial arts found in the UK – aikido, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu and tae kwon do – and offers advice on finding the right classes for your child.

Teenager's yoga

Yoga For Teens

An overview of the benefits of practicing yoga for teenagers. Includes thoughts on positive body image as well as emotional stability.