Nanny and baby

All You Need To Know About Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny need not be a hard task, though it does require careful consideration. This article offers some basic answers to frequently asked questions about hiring a nanny.

Unhappy teenager

Teenagers and Step Families

Stepfamilies have become common in modern society, but teenagers often have trouble integrating into these new households.

Cheeky teen

Communicating with Your Teen

Communicating with your teen can be a challenge. This article offers basic advice on communicating effectively with teens in order to stay involved with their lives.

Au pair sat with child by the lake with a pram

Hiring an Au Pair

Hiring an au pair is a big decision. This article discusses the role of an au pair in the home, what employers should provide for au pairs, conducting an au pair search and what to expect while living with an au pair.

Baby photo with cake

Taking Baby Photos

Tips for taking great baby photos without the assistance of a professional photographer. Both formal and candid shots are covered.

Sharing a Bedroom

Many siblings are asked to share a bedroom, though the results can be a mixed bag. This article describes the benefits and drawbacks of children sharing a room, and advises parents of decorating schemes and room rules that may help ease the transition.

Organising a Family Reunion

Organising a family reunion can be hard work. This article describes ways to tackle common tasks associated with organising a family reunion, and offers tips on making

Helping Kids Cope With Moving

Ideas for easing the transition of a family move for children of varying ages. Includes tips on breaking the news, ideal times for moving, and saying goodbye.

Single Parent Families

Today, approximately 25% of children in the UK are raised in single parent families. This article offers information on single parent families, support services and benefits offered throughout the UK, and the niche markets that have grown up around single parent families.

Respectful Co-Parenting

Tips for dealing with an ex in a respectful manner when dealing with matters relating to your children.

Family Reunion Activities

Ideas for planning a family reunion that will be fun and memorable for everyone. Includes ideas for games as well as party rental equipment.