Keepsakes for Grandchildren

Many of us have fond memories of our grandparents and it is not uncommon to hold an item or two as remembrances of them.

Keepsakes have a way of bringing us back to times past and while we will always have dear memories of those that we love, with or without keepsakes, many people find comfort in holding on to a tangible piece of the past.

Family Heirlooms

Some grandparents have a few special items that have been in their families for generations, and hope to someday pass these things onto their own children and grandchildren. Often, such heirlooms are pieces of jewellery, but this is not always the case. Artwork, dishes, military memorabilia, furniture, books, and photo frames are just a few of the possibilities, but the choices are endless.

When distributing such keepsakes to grandkids, grandparents may want to consider the age and maturity of the children so that fragile or especially valuable items are not given to children who are not yet ready to appreciate and properly care for the gifts. It may be sensible to hold special items until children are of an age to realise their importance.

Common Ties

Often, grandparents enjoy close and loving relationships with their grandchildren, sharing their time and interests with the younger generation.

When selecting keepsakes for grandchildren, grandparents should try to choose items that will evoke memories of the activities that interested each child, making the items that much more likely to hold great sentimental value to the kids.

For example, children who enjoy helping their grandparents in the kitchen may appreciate a gift of a platter that was used to serve meals at family gatherings, while a child who likes to play golf with grandparents would likely prefer to have their grandparent’s favourite putter to add to their own bag of clubs.

Books that children enjoy may be appreciated, especially when handwritten inscriptions are included. These types of gifts are often held dear and are sometimes passed along to yet another generation in years to come.

Handmade Creations

Not all keepsakes need to be store bought or costly; in fact, some of the most treasured items may be those that were crafted with care by grandparents themselves.

Handmade dollhouses, crocheted or knitted blankets, hand carved woodworking pieces, or beaded jewellery creations all make wonderful gifts that kids can keep throughout their lives.

Artistically inclined grandparents may want to create paintings, small sculptures, or hand thrown pottery items, while those with poetic hearts can write stories, poems, or loving letters to their grandchildren, sure to be treasured for years and years.

Keepsakes come in many shapes and sizes, but the best ones have a few things in common. A lasting quality is important so that decades after the gifts are given, they remain usable.

It’s also important that grandparents express their feelings about the children when they give such gifts, creating long-term associations between the keepsakes and the loving emotions that the grandparents have for their grandkids.

The main purpose of all keepsakes is to serve as reminders of loving human connections, so grandparents shouldn’t be shy about letting their grandchildren know just how wonderful and special they are.

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