Family Get Togethers

Help everyone gain the best from family get togethers, learn to create your own traditions and share special moments.

Choosing Summer Camps

This article offers parents requirements to think about when choosing a summer camp, and advises parents and children on what to look for when visiting a summer camp that will help them make their ultimate selection.

Family Holidays

Family holidays can be stressful events. This article describes ways of hints for planning a fun, fantastic family holiday.

Summer to do List

A long list of things for children to do on summer break — some outdoors, some indoors, and some for groups of friends or siblings.

Family Outings

Ensure you all enjoy a great day out together, by getting on and banishing bickering! Here are some tips for successful family outings.

Craft Project Ideas

Rainy afternoons can make for bored children. This article describes several easy craft projects to help take your kids from cranky to crafty!

Taking Family Pictures

Ideas on taking great family portraits, including tips on wardrobe, location, poses, and keeping it affordable.

Video Games: How Much is Too Much?

An overview of the benefits of playing high quality video games for children, separated by age group. Also, an idea of setting limits to ensure balance.

Planning a Baby Shower

Ideas on planning a baby shower, including tips on the guest list, invitations, decorations, location, refreshments, games, and favours.

Choosing Age Appropriate Films

Learn how to choose age appropriate films, find out what the film classifications mean and what age they’re suitable for.

Pre-School Party Ideas

Tips for planning a successful party for preschoolers, including ideas for interesting party locations.

Limiting Television

Are there any benefits in limiting TV? And can watching too much television have an effect on your child? Find out the answers to this and more.

Coping at The School Disco

The school disco can be an intense experience. This article describes ways parents can help make their teen’s first school disco a success.

Bicycle Seats and Trailers for Babies

Every day thousands of adults take babies out on bike rides in seats or in trailers. This article offers a checklist for parents to take with them when deciding between a bike seat or trailer.

Parties for Teens

Many parents shy away from hosting parties for teens because they worry that the party will get out of hand. This article describes ways of planning, hosting, and even ending a party that will bring rave reviews from parents and teens alike.

Teenager party

Party Ideas for Teens

Practical party ideas and inspiration for teens – or parents who are trying to organise a party for a teen!

Great Days Out

It can be hard for parents to continually have exciting ideas on tap when the kids get bored. This article suggests a number of fun family day’s out for the next time you need a change!

Growing Gardens

Tips for growing a garden with children — includes ideas about what to plant as well as how to keep kids interested in the project.

Drama and Art

This article describes ways that parents can encourage their children’s love of the arts, and further it through private performances, exhibitions and becoming involved in the local or professional community.

Ideas for Half-Term Fun

Stuck for ideas for keeping the kids occupied during half term? Read on for a range of inspiring suggestions, for wet days and dry, creative and energetic.

Making Family Tee-Shirts

Making family tee shirts is an excellent way to bring the family together to commemorate a special event. This article offers advice on creating and executing a design, and finding help if needed.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a unique activity that can be enjoyed by skaters of all ages. This article provides information on the competitive sports of ice skating, and offers advice to parents of children interested in becoming competitive skaters.

Kid's playing

Non-Competitive Games

A look at the trend of encouraging cooperative, non-competitive games for young children. Includes game ideas.

Researching Family History

Family history research can be both a fun and frustrating pastime. This article details methods for beginning family history research, and tips on how to make your research relatively pain free.

Roadtrip Survival Guide

Ideas for planning a family road trip, including tips on preparations, keeping the kids happy, and letting go of rigid rules.