Making Family Tee-Shirts

Whether you want to have a way to identify the kids in a crowd, commemorate a family event, or just get the creative juices flowing on a rainy afternoon, making family tee shirts is always a hit.

From the design to the creation, making family tee shirts allows the whole family to become involved in a worthwhile activity and cooperate for a creative cause.

Don’t let your next family outing be boring and uncoordinated, instead start designing your family tee shirts today!

Create a Design

Staring at a blank canvas can intimidate even the most seasoned artist. If you need a little inspiration for your design, browse:

  • The shops – see what is on the racks and what others are wearing.
  • The library – check out a few books on design and pinpoint what you like.
  • The internet – websites for family reunions, stationary, even tattoos often have designs that might catch your eye.

If you are expecting the whole family to wear matching or coordinated tee shirts, then it is only fair to let each family member have their say about the design. This discussion might quickly descend into chaos, so keep everyone on track by:

  • Allowing only one veto per person for an idea that they really can’t stand.
  • Suggesting a theme for the design, for instance “fun in the sun” for a sun holiday.
  • Proposing that a familiar family saying be worked into the design.
  • Allowing family photos to be incorporated to the design.
  • Barring any unwanted nicknames from becoming involved.
  • Striking out any idea that involves teasing or belittling.
  • Offering everyone the chance to draw their own design before the final vote.

Stock Up on Tee Shirt Essentials

The next time you are out at the shops, pop into an arts and crafts store as well as a fabric store to pick up some extras for your family tee shirts. Don’t forget to purchase:

  • Plain white or coloured tee shirts in each family member’s size.
  • Fabric paints.
  • Permanent markers.
  • Stencils.
  • Iron-on transfers or patches.
  • Ribbons.
  • Fabric in funky patterns.

Make a Day of It

The next rainy weekend you stumble across, grab the chance to get the family together to make tee shirts. Decide beforehand if each family member will be allowed to work on their own shirt, or if one designated designer will do all of the hard work.

If the latter is the case, then give credit where credit is due and hold a celebratory party when the work is done.

Employ a Professional

Some families just can’t come up with, or decide on, a design for their tee shirts. Other families can agree on the design, but aren’t talented enough to make it a reality. If your family has hit a brick wall, as a last resort consider employing a professional who can make your dreams come true. Check out:

  • Graphic designers – though expensive, they may be able to recreate exactly what you are imagining.
  • Printing businesses – from business cards to tee shirts to mugs, many printing businesses will be happy to help you design and print tee shirts for the whole family.
  • Photo shops – if you are interested in transferring a favourite family photo onto a tee shirt, a photo shop should be your first stop.
  • Community notice boards – you’ll never know if you have an artist or designer in the area until you start investigating.

While the kids (especially the teenagers) may take some convincing, making family tee shirts is an excellent way to get the whole family working together to commemorate a special event.

Remember to be lavish with the praise and limit the criticism, and you will be well on your way to a new wardrobe in no time!

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