Making Videos of the Grandchildren

When grandchildren live too far away for frequent visits grandparents can enjoy the next best thing by viewing videos of their growing grandchildren. Once a rather complicated procedure, advancements in today’s video cameras have made it easy for even the most inexperienced videographer to produce good quality films.

Choosing Equipment

Video equipment need not be elaborate or expensive. Small, handheld video camcorders are widely available for a small sum and even the most basic models have more features than the average person will ever need.

There are a number of websites available that allow consumers to browse video equipment, comparing features side by side, which can be especially useful since salespeople in shops may be inclined to simply recommend the highest priced models.

Some mobile phones, even very affordable ones, have the capability to record and send video clips. Recipients can view a short video only moments after it is recorded.

The Next Best Thing to Being There

There are few things duller than sitting through stilted, posed video of people grinning and stiffly waving at the camera. Ideally, home videos should capture the personalities of family members and record them having fun and being silly.

Children make especially good subjects since they are rarely inhibited and are happy to express their every mood on film. Some of the best moments in family videos were often shot when children weren’t aware that they were being filmed, so keeping the camera handy to capture everyday events.

In addition to day to day video clips, parents can record special occasions in their children’s lives, allowing grandparents to enjoy the festivities, even if they live too far away to attend. School pageants, athletic events, music recitals, and birthday parties are all important events in the lives of children that most grandparents would be delighted to watch.

Babies change and grow so quickly that if Grandma & Grandpa don’t live nearby, they can easily miss important milestones such as first words and first steps. With video, though, they can be a part of every new advancement that baby makes.

Time to Have Fun!

While video does a great job of capturing important family celebrations, using it can also be just plain fun. Many school aged kids would enjoy creating specialty videos for their grandparents’ entertainment.

Kids can be encouraged to act out short skits or sing along with music to create their own music videos, much like those of their favourite pop stars.

Grandparents can surprise their grandkids by returning the favour and sending videos of themselves reading beloved storybooks or sharing special memories.

Kids love stories in which they are the main characters, so if Grandma sends a video describing her thoughts and feelings about her memories of special times she has shared with her grandchildren, the kids are sure to appreciate the gesture.

Safe Shipping and Storage

In order to make videos last, care must be taken to preserve them. Manufacturer’s directions should be followed closely regarding proper storage. Temperature extremes should be avoided and if videos are to be shipped, they should be carefully cushioned before mailing.

It is best to make copies of special tapes, such as wedding videos before they are shipped, just in case the originals get lost in transit.

Transferring to sturdy media such as DVD may help to assure that movies stay safe. While family videos may not have much monetary value, they do hold enormous sentimental value.

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