Multi-Generational Photo Albums

Some of the greatest joys of having grandchildren are sharing cherished memories and making new memories. Most families have photographs that document the last several generations.

Assembling these treasured photos into albums with grandchildren allows grandparents to pass along a bit of family history while sharing a pleasurable pastime.

Choosing Photos

While some families have all of their old photos well organised and placed neatly into books most have a few (or quite a few!) boxes tucked up on a shelf that are packed with assorted family photographs. If this is the case, the first step is to sort the photos into stacks, and then choose several favourites from each category.

There are a number of ways to sort, including by family member, in a time line, or by theme, such as holidays. Once you have a good selection to choose from, it is wise to make duplicates of the photos, rather than using originals, since it is likely that several family members will be interested in having copies.

Getting Started

Armed with a nice stack of attractive family photos (you are a good looking bunch, aren’t you?!), you are ready to get started.

You’ll need an album with acid-free paper for each grandchild, photo corners, and pens for captioning the pictures. You may also want to purchase some extras, such as stickers, photo borders or specialty pens to make the albums a bit fancier.

If you plan to assemble the albums in one sitting, you might want to prepare a few favourite snacks, as well, since this project could take the better part of an afternoon.

Familiar Faces

As you and your grandchildren select pictures to include in the albums, share the memories that the pictures bring to you.

Kids love hearing childhood stories about their parents, so take your time and relay funny or touching moments that you recall.

Point out similarities that you find in the pictures of family members to help your grandchildren feel an ever greater sense of connection to the family.

Saying things like, “Look, you have the same beautiful eyes as Aunt Mary” or “When your dad was a boy, he loved to ride his bike, just like you do” helps the kids to see older generations in a different light.

Helping Hands

While it is nice to have a beautiful finished product when you are done making the photo album, it is far more important that the day be filled with fun for both you and your grandchild.

Enjoy the time together and try not to fret too much about photos that are placed a little on the crooked side or whether or not there are misspelled words in the captions.

The goal of the project is not only to share the stories behind the photographs with your grandkids, but to share some laughs, as well. If you would like to make professional quality albums for family members, you can certainly do that independently.

When creating albums as a project to do with children, expect some mishaps and make an effort to keep the mood light and playful.

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