Grandmother with her Granddaughter

The Reluctant Grandparent

A grandmother shares her struggle to accept her personal version of grandparenting and to understand that different doesn’t mean wrong. Read more


Fact Sheet For Grandparents

Tidbits of information about modern grandparents in the UK, including statistics about those who are providing regular care or have taken full responsibility for their grandchildren. Read more

Family history

Family History Stories

Advice for grandparents who wish to share stories of their family’s history with their grandchildren, including ideas on keeping the kids interested and helping them to feel connected to their ancestors. Read more

Grandparents with granddaughter

Visiting and Hosting Grandchildren

A look at planning visits between grandparents and their grandchildren, when they do not live in close proximity to one another. Gives tips on having fun while keeping an eye on the budget. Read more

Grandparents walking by the waterside

Boundaries as a Grandparent

Ideas for grandparents regarding the importance of observing reasonable boundaries with their grandchildren. Includes tips on strengthening family bonds while honouring the authority of parents. Read more


Email Basics

Guidelines on the use of email for grandparents who wish to use this form of communication to correspond with their grandchildren. Read more

Child playing with video camera

Making Videos of the Grandchildren

Ideas for grandparents who hope to use videos in order to witness important events in their grandchildren’s lives, especially when they live too far away to make it practical to attend in person. Read more

Tape recorder

Narrating Stories on Tape

Ideas for grandparents to share stories and “conversations” with their grandchildren, even when they live far from each other, by recording tapes for the children to play. Read more

Grandparent taking a photograph


Ideas for grandparents in regards to photography. Includes tips on choosing a digital camera as well as for organising and finding creative uses for photos. Read more

Old man using an iphone

Using Mobile Phones

Ideas for grandparents regarding the use of mobile phones as a means to keep in close contact with their grandchildren. Read more

A walk in the woods

Obtaining Parental Responsibility

Though they are blood relatives, grandparents have no automatic, legal rights or responsibilities to care for their grandchildren. This article discusses a few of the means by which grandparents can assume Parental Responsibility for grandchildren, including one reader’s story of how she did it on her own. Read more


What Not To Do

Guidelines for grandparents regarding their desire to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives. Offers tips on being helpful without being intrusive. Read more

New parents with baby

Offering Help to New Parents

Advice for grandparents who want to help their grown kids as they begin families of their own. Includes tips for being helpful without being intrusive. Read more

Child cooking

Making a Family Recipe Book

Ideas for grandparents to make a family recipe book, encompassing the family’s favourite recipes, both for everyday and special occasion foods. Read more

Keepsake Box

Keepsakes for Grandchildren

Ideas for grandparents who wish to choose keepsake gifts for their grandchildren. Offers specific suggestions for making these gifts special and memorable. Read more

Colouring in

Art Projects

Ideas for grandparents on doing art projects with their grandkids, including a suggested supply list as well as ideas for making the day fun and memorable. Read more

One step behind

How to Take a Step Back

Ideas for new grandparents regarding the boundaries that they should follow in order to be helpful, but not interfering in the lives of their grandchildren. Read more

Child studying a globe

Travelling With Grandchildren

A look at grandparents and grandchildren as traveling companions, addressing issues as fun and bonding as well as the practical subjects of budget and preparing for possible emergencies. Read more

Granddaughter being supported whilst walking

How to Support Your Grandchildren

Advice for grandparents who would like to offer support and guidance to their grandchildren. Offers tips on establishing a trusting relationship while honoring the authority of the children’s parents. Read more

Boy fishing with grandfather

Sharing Hobbies

Ideas for grandparents who would like to share their hobbies and interests with their grandchildren, including tips on getting child sized hobby equipment. Read more

Grandparents holding their granddaughter's hands

Divorced Grandparents

Ideas for divorced grandparents in regards to overcoming their differences with their ex in order to make life easier on the grandchildren. Includes tips on visits, family events, and maintaining a positive attitude. Read more

Child baking with grandma

Cooking With Your Grandchildren

Ideas for grandparents who want to share time in the kitchen with their grandchildren, preparing special treats or everyday meals. Includes tips on making the experience memorable as well as educational. Read more

Old family photographs

Multi-Generational Photo Albums

A look at making multi-generational photo albums as a project for grandparents to do with their grandchildren. Includes tips on making the project fun and memorable. Read more

Girl making a large bubble

Fun Outings

Tips for grandparents for planning fun outings with their grandchildren. Includes specific ideas about locations and making the trips fun and memorable. Read more

Scrap Booking

Scrap Booking With Kids

Advice for grandparents who would like to make scrapbooks with their grandchildren, including ideas on supplies and for making the experience a fun and memorable one. Read more


Life Saving and CPR Certification

A look at emergency circumstances that may cause the need to lifesaving techniques and CPR. Includes tips on locating classes for certification as well on accident and injury prevention tips. Read more

Back to school

Choosing Schools

Advice for grandparents in choosing a camp or specialty school for their grandchildren. Touches on affordability, camp safety, the readiness of the child, and a camp’s ability to meet the need of medically or developmentally challenged children. Read more

Boy eating bread

Foods to Avoid

A guide for grandparents regarding common food allergies in children as well as common choking hazards. Includes tips on safe mealtimes, as well as advice on emergency preparedness. Read more

By the kae with grandchildren

Taking Legal Custody of Grandchildren

Advice for grandparents who are seeking legal custody of their grandchildren. Advises the careful documentation of all negative interaction with the kids’ parents and stresses the importance of seeking professional legal advice. Read more

Baby sat on floor playing

Child-Proofing Your Home

Ideas for grandparents in matters of childproofing their homes to ensure the safety of visiting grandchildren. Includes tips for both indoor and outdoor safety. Read more

Tending to a poorly child

Updates in Child Health Care

Advice for grandparents on child health and safety issues that are important to today’s parents. Covers safe sleeping, pain relief and fever reduction, safe playgrounds, car seat safety, and allergies. Read more

Baby looking at book and surrounded by toys

Choosing Age Appropriate Toys and Gifts

Guidelines for grandparents for choosing toys and other gifts for their grandchildren, including safety issues and recommendations for purchasing gifts that meet with the approval of the children’s parents. Read more