Party Ideas for Teens

Coming up with ideas for children’s birthday parties may have seemed tricky, but once your children grow into teenagers, it can be doubly difficult to find suitable ideas.

If you’re stuck trying to come up with party ideas for teens, then read on to discover some ideas and inspiration that may appeal.

Pamper Parties

Many teenage girls love a bit of a pampering, so a girly pamper party may be just the thing for a party treat.

There are two main options for pamper parties – holding them at home or going elsewhere for some pampering treats.

Holding the party at home is great if you’re on a budget, as it doesn’t cost an awful lot to buy some pamper treats for the teens to try out.

For example, pretty nail varnishes for do-it-yourself manicures can be bought when they’re on offer (look out for Buy One, Get One Free type offers at high street stores!), small sachets of face packs can be bought individually and you can easily make up a massage mixture to use for foot massages or hand soaks.

If budget isn’t an issue, the teens could be booked into a local salon or spa for a manicure or pedicure, or you could look into the possibility of a booking a freelance or mobile beauty therapist to come to your house to deliver special treatments.

Go Karting or Paintballing

If you, or your teen, favour the kind of party that is mostly spent outdoors being active, then old favourites such as go karting or paintballing are ever popular, with both boys and girls.

As these are activities that will incur a cost, keeping numbers down to a small group can work out better and ensure you keep to a budget.

Some go karting or paintballing centres have cafes providing food, or your teen could finish off the event with a meal elsewhere.

Party Ideas for Older Teens

If you’re reluctant to hold a party for older teens at your house – and who would blame you, after some of the horror stories we hear about – but do want to ensure your teen has an organised party, then holding it at another venue can be a good option.

There are plenty of rooms and halls that can be hired for a small fee and costs can be kept down by doing the catering yourself, or getting friends and family to help out.

If you’re not put off the idea of having a party for teens at your home, then keeping numbers to a minimum can reduce the risk of things getting out of hand.

Having mum or dad around may be uncool, but it can help prevent problems; alternatively, another relative, such as an aunt, uncle or cousin could be encouraged to supervise on your behalf.

Outdoor Barbecue or Camping Parties

Alternatively, if the party is being held in the summer and you’ve got plenty of space outside, or could borrow use of a field for the evening, then an outdoor party and barbecue can be fun.

Simple gazebos can be used for shelter with garden chairs and tables positioned underneath. Sparking fairy lights can be hung from trees or hedges to create a magical effect and add atmosphere to the proceedings.

If space is plentiful, then you could also consider letting them bring tents and camp for the night.

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