Party Ideas For 5-7 Year Olds

Many parents unnecessarily dread planning a party for their kids. They envision a complicated and expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be either. When children’s parties are extravagant affairs, it is almost always to please the parents, not the kids. As long as you give them something fun to do and fill them with treats, they will go away happy. So relax, this will be a piece of cake…

Planning Tips

When deciding on a guest list, the general rule of thumb is to invite one more than the birthday child’s age. For example, for a six year old, you would invite seven children. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Some parents are uncomfortable to make their child choose which friends to invite and prefer to welcome the child’s entire class. This is a nice notion, but if you choose to do this, be sure to have plenty of adult helpers. A few dozen youngsters can get pretty boisterous!

If you’d like to keep it simple (always a good idea!), try to schedule the party mid-afternoon, so that you do not have to serve a whole meal; snacks are sufficient for parties held at this time. Be sure to stock up on kid-friendly treats.

Lots of Games

One of the key ways to host a successful children’s party is to plan a variety of fun games. Kids enjoy activity, so make every effort to keep them busy. Traditional party games such as Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and Hot Potato work well with children of this age. If you choose to award prizes for game winners, be sure that by day’s end, every child goes away with a prize. One way to be sure that everybody gets a little something is to get a piñata. Once the piñata is broken, all children get to gather up some sweets and other small prizes.

Additional Game Ideas

Treasure Hunt

Hide coins or small prizes around the house or yard and then give each child a bag to hold their finds. Another option is to hide each child’s filled goodie bag and then give them a map or clues as to where it is hidden.

Jelly Bean Jar

Fill a clear jar with jelly beans or other small sweets. As each child arrives at the party, ask them try to figure out how many jelly beans are contained in the jar. Let each child write their guess on a slip of paper and at the end of the party, award the jar of sweets to the child who guesses closest.

Guess Who

Tape a sheet of paper with a picture of a person on it to each child’s back. If the children are able to read, you can simply write the name of a person rather than posting a picture, but for most children this age, the picture will be easier. Have the children take turns asking a question that will help them to figure out who they are. If they have trouble thinking of questions to ask, you may offer suggestions such as, “Am I a famous?” or “Am I a child or a grown up?” or “Am I a boy or a girl?”

Memory Game

The birthday child begins by saying, “For my birthday dinner, I’d like to eat ___” and fills in the blank with a favourite food. The game continues in a round with each child reciting all that was said previously and adding an item. For instance: The birthday child may say, “For my birthday dinner, I’d like to eat pizza.” The next child might say, “For my birthday dinner, I’d like to eat pizza and salad.” This continues until someone cannot remember the sequence, then they drop out. The winner is the child with the best memory!

Watch the Budget

Although it can be easy to get carried away, you need not spend a fortune to have a great kids’ party. At this age, they are not necessarily impressed with fancy food and decorations. After the party is over, the kids will remember how much fun they had, but they won’t give a second thought to what type of plates you used. So decide on a budget and stick to it – that way, both you and your child will enjoy yourselves!