Scrap Booking With Kids

Creating scrapbooks is fast becoming a favourite pastime for people of all ages. Grandparents who enjoy scrapbooking may want to involve their grandchildren in this enjoyable hobby allowing them to produce colourful and creative albums packed with photos and other memorabilia.

Getting Started

Gathering an assortment of scrapbooking supplies is the first step to a successful session, so grandparents may want to plan ahead and purchase a few of the basics.

Scrapbook supplies are readily available at many craft stores or can be purchased on a number of internet sites. Internet shopping can sometimes be the most affordable, but you have to allow a few extra days for shipping. Basic supplies include:

Albums: Scrapbook albums come in a variety of sizes and paper qualities. Be sure to choose one with acid free paper.

Paper: Fancy papers are part of what differentiates scrapbooks from regular photo albums. You can choose papers by color, pattern, or theme.

Adhesives: When working with grandchildren, grandparents may want to choose glue sticks or similar adhesives to minimize mess!

Ink pads and stampers: Rubber stamps featuring shapes or funny sayings can add character to scrapbooks.

Stickers: Most scrapbookers utilize stickers in their pages. Characters, holiday related shapes, and photo caption stickers are popular choices.

Embellishments: Fancy trim, buttons, and small pocket envelopes can all add color and personality to scrapbooks.

Photos: It is best to make copies of photographs for use in scrapbooks, rather than using the originals!

Personalizing the Project

Scrapbooks offer unique glimpses of a family’s memories, from holidays to “every-days.” Choosing a theme for each album can help to give the project a harmonious feel.

Some common themes include holidays, summer fun, special occasions, baby books, house and home, sports, and “all about me.” That last one is especially appealing to children, who enjoy producing pictorial histories of their lives and achievements.

Grandparents can make the day even more fun by sharing stories with their grandchildren as they work to create the scrapbook.

Looking back over old photos and other memorabilia will certainly bring some favourite family stories to mind — children especially enjoy the ones in which they are the main characters!

Working Together

While the finished product resulting from an afternoon of scrapbooking may be a beautiful memento, the real appeal of the project is the time that grandparents and grandchildren can spend together.

Grandparents should remember to keep the focus on fun, rather than perfection so that their grandkids look back on the project with fondness.

Misspelled words, crooked pictures and a bit of mess are to be expected, but a bit of glue on the table is a small price to pay for such fun.

When working with young children, it may be wise to cover the table and chairs (and maybe even the floor!) with protective paper or oil cloth before beginning to keep the mess to a minimum.

Last Minute Advice

Children are often very creative by nature, so grandparents who allow the kids a bit of freedom in designing their scrapbooks may be pleasantly surprised at just how bright and artistic their grandchildren can be.

Encouraging the children to utilize personal items, such as hair ribbons, newspaper clippings, or even bits of fabric from an old baby blanket can help to make the finished product special, so smart grandparents will ask the kids about the things that are meaningful to them.

Just one more thing — be sure to take your time, relax, and enjoy the company of each of your magnificent grandchildren. The memories you make with them will last them a lifetime!

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