Sharing Your Life Story with Your Grandchildren

No matter how many times that grandparents may have shared their favourite memories with their children, the stories are new to grandkids, who are likely to enjoy hearing about the way life used to be. Grandchildren usually relate well to their parents’ parents and find them endlessly entertaining – and of course, grandparents return that sentiment!

Just Their Age

Some of the best stories for kids are those that relay tales from then Grandma and Granddad were the same ages that the grandkids are now. For example, seven-year-olds are sure to get a kick out of the differences between their experiences and those that their grandparents had when they were seven.

Most kids are amazed at the idea that today’s conveniences were not even in existence two generations ago, so the world that their grandparents lived in just may seem like someplace in a fairytale.

While many changes have taken place over the decades, other things remain quite the same, and grandkids can benefit from knowing that their grandparents once felt much the same as youngsters today feel. Whether enjoying sports, feeling shy, or having difficulties in school, some aspects of childhood are universal and it can help kids to know that they are not the first (nor the last) to experience the many ups and downs of life.

Parenting Their Parents

Other stories that grandkids are sure to love are those about their own parents as youngsters. Grandparents who share tales of their parenting years will likely have the eager ears of their grandkids as they hear about Mum and Dad in a way that they would otherwise not know them.

Talking about how Mum used to dress up all her baby-dolls and host parties for them or how Dad once lost his lunch every day for a whole week will likely elicit giggles from the younger generation and some stories can even help the kids to understand their parents more.

Most kids see their parents and grandparents only in the scope in which they are now known – it can be quite enlightening for kids to view their elders as the kids they once were.

Becoming a Grandparent

Most grandparents are happy to recall the moments that each of their grandchildren came into the world, and most kids are delighted to hear their grandparents’ glowing accounts of how perfectly gorgeous they were, right from birth.

When grandparents choose to share stories of their lives with their grandchildren, the kids are bound to have a few favourites that they ask to hear again and again.

Those that feature the little ones as main characters are the most likely candidates to be requested regularly, of course!

Forming Bonds

The most important reason that grandparents have for sharing their life stories with their grandkids is that these tales can help the two generations to feel closer to one another.

Many of us have treasured, loving memories of our grandparents, mostly because they took the time to pay attention to us and let us know how much we were valued.

Today’s grandparents have the same opportunities to form lasting bonds with their grandchildren that they once shared with their own grandparents. How wonderful is that?

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