Sharing Hobbies

While children often have a natural love and appreciation for their grandparents spending time together can be even more enjoyable when the two generations have a few things in common.

One of the best ways for grandparents to form close and lasting bonds with their grandkids is to spend time with them when they are young, introducing them to Grandma and Grandpa’s hobbies and interests.

Little Buddies

Most times, when children get together with their grandparents, the goal is to have fun. Grandparents and grandchildren are frequently the best of buddies and the kids are likely to enjoy most any activity that includes their favourite family members.

Sharing interests with grandchildren provides more than just some fun and memorable days; many times, kids will develop lifelong interests in golf, fishing, painting, bird watching, sewing, or flying radio controlled airplanes because a loving grandparents took the time to introduce them to a new hobby.

While parents are responsible for setting standards about nutrition and bedtimes, Grandma and Grandpa are usually afforded the luxury of bending (or breaking!) the rules. So if a grandparent’s hobby is baking, the children may just end up happily eating chocolate cake for lunch once in a while!

Growing Close

Some of the best conversations happen while people are involved in an activity together. Grandparents can take advantage of the opportunity to share a bit of themselves with their grandkids while they pursue their hobby together.

Talking about what first drew them to the hobby, what they love about it and how much they enjoy sharing it with their grandchild will certainly get a conversation going.

Grandparents can really impress their grandchildren by asking to learn about the children’s hobbies, too. By getting involved in each other’s lives and developing common interests, both generations will grow increasingly closer.

Making it Fun

If children are fortunate to have grandparents that live nearby, it can be fun to set up a regular schedule for hiking, gardening, visiting museums together. Both generations will look forward to the times together and can have fun planning the next outing.

For those who live far apart, it may take a bit more imagination, but some hobbies can still be shared. For instance, a grandparent may decide to read the same book that their grandchild is working on and then arrange regular book discussions, either by telephone or through email.

The important thing is to share a common experience.

Kid Sized Equipment

While some hobbies require very little in the way of special equipment, other activities have necessary supplies. Child sized versions of their grandparents’ hobby tools can be very useful for children and make wonderful gifts.

Scaled down golf clubs, fishing gear, kitchen gadgets, and gardening tools are all readily available and can make it much easier for little hands to grasp new skills. To save money, smart grandparents may want to browse internet auction sites in hopes of finding good deals.

Reliving Childhood Memories

Often, children will take pleasure in many of the same games and activities that their grandparents enjoyed as children.

Grandma and Grandpa just might find that it is a great deal of fun to revisit their own childhoods by sharing their favourite activities and hobbies from their youths with their grandkids, as well.

Taking a trip down memory lane can be fun for grandparents, especially when they have their favourite little companions along for company.

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