Stroller Choices

Having a baby likely means that you will be shopping for all sorts of baby gear. Although there is a lot of it that you can do without, most parents would consider a good stroller to be a necessity. Stroller choices vary widely, so you must consider which type will work best for you.

Types of Strollers

  • Compact / Umbrella Strollers

    These lightweight strollers are ideal for quick errands and travel. They fold up effortlessly and are easy to transport and store. Typically, they are not as cushioned and comfortable as other strollers, but their low cost and compact size make them an ideal choice for budget conscious parents or even as a second stroller.

  • Full Size Strollers

    Although standard sized strollers are heavier and bulkier than the umbrella style, they have a nice, sturdy feel and typically come with a few convenient features that the lightweight travel strollers lack. Most full sized strollers have large storage compartments roomy enough to accommodate a large sized changing bag. Additionally, many offer cup holders and snack trays for the baby as well as a variety of seat positions to assure baby’s comfort.

  • Jogging Strollers

    Jogging strollers are designed to travel on rugged terrain and are ideal for fitness minded parents. They normally have three all-terrain wheels, fold up fairly compactly, and are built to withstand miles and miles of outdoor fun. Athletic parents often find this type of stroller to be their all around favourite since it combines the comfort and storage features of a full size stroller with the ability to go almost anywhere.

  • Multi-Child Strollers

    Parents of multiples or those with children close in age often opt for a multi-child stroller. Available in lightweight, standard, and jogging styles, multi-child strollers typically offer similar storage and comfort features as their single seat counterparts. Multi-child strollers offer seating choices of either side-by-side or tandem, which seats the children in front of one another.

  • Travel Systems

    Today’s parents overwhelmingly choose travel systems, which combine a stroller and a car seat, offering parents the ultimate in convenience without sacrificing comfort or safety. These systems allow parents to remove the car seat from its automobile base and attach it quickly to the stroller base without disturbing the baby. Most of the stroller bases fold up with one hand after the baby has returned to the car, making these systems extremely convenient. Once the baby has outgrown the infant car seat portion, the stroller serves as a traditional, full sized stroller. Check out the range of travel systems at <#71#>kiddicare.<#>

  • Prams

    Although most parents now opt for a more modern stroller, some still enjoy the most traditional type – the pram. Designed for newborns through about four months, prams are for babies who are willing to travel lying down. Traditional prams can be a bit costly, but parents who favour them swear that they are well worth the cost.


The major considerations when deciding on a stroller are budget and lifestyle. If you will be using the stroller only occasionally, then investing in an expensive model with all the bells and whistles seems wasteful. If, however, you plan to use your stroller on a regular basis, you will want to purchase one that offers both convenience for you and riding comfort for your little one.

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