Guide to Minerals

An overview of minerals and their role in the body. Includes information about macro minerals as well as trace minerals.

Speech Therapy

Nearly 5% of children entering school in the UK have speech, language or swallowing difficulties. This article answers a variety of questions commonly asked about speech therapy for children.

Promoting Teen Health

This article discusses methods of showing your teenager the meaning of a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging healthful living in their daily lives.

Talking to Kids About Death

Talking to kids about death can be both frightening and confusing. This article describes why talking to children about death is important, and offers hints for helping your talk go smoothly.

Garden Games

Gardens are a great place for children to play, however big or small. Discover some inspiring ideas for games to play outdoors.

Create a Healthy Shopping List

A healthy shopping list is the basis of a healthy diet and lifestyle. This article reviews hints for creating your shopping list, and avoiding temptation in the supermarket.

Raising Happy Kids

Parents may not be able to make their children happy, but they can certainly raise their children to be healthy, confident and resilient. This article provides tips for raising healthy, confident and resilient children who will be inclined to lead happy lives.

Bicycle Seats and Trailers for Babies

Every day thousands of adults take babies out on bike rides in seats or in trailers. This article offers a checklist for parents to take with them when deciding between a bike seat or trailer.

Egg Free Diets and Kids

Advice for parents trying to avoid eggs in their children’s diets. Contains some of the many hidden sources of eggs as well as some common terms to look for on nutritional labels.

Making Friends

Advice on helping shy children overcome their fears and learn to make friends.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Many people may confuse suffering from social anxiety disorder with being shy. This article explains social anxiety disorder including common symptoms, causes and available treatments.

Helping Kids Cope With Moving

Ideas for easing the transition of a family move for children of varying ages. Includes tips on breaking the news, ideal times for moving, and saying goodbye.

Great Days Out

It can be hard for parents to continually have exciting ideas on tap when the kids get bored. This article suggests a number of fun family day’s out for the next time you need a change!

Scrapbooking for Kids

Ideas on scrapbooking with children including a list of basic supplies as well as tips for creating a page.

Raising Cooperative Kids

Guidelines for raising helpful, cooperative children. Includes ideas about expectations, discipline, attitude, and being a positive role model.

Helping Your Child do Well in School

Many parents are unsure of what they can do to help their child succeed at school. This article offers advice to help parents encourage literacy and numeracy, as well as supervise homework and test preparation, as paths to success.

Credit Cards for Students: Choosing the Right One

Student credit cards – the myths surrounding them and whether or not they’re a good idea. The ways in which clever marketing strategies will suck you in and how to avoid that and to make an informed decision when choosing should you decide to go ahead.

Managing Diabetes

Children diagnosed with diabetes are often confused and frightened by this condition. This article describes what diabetes is, and offers advice on managing diabetes in day to day life.

Talking to Teens About Sex

Ideas about talking to teenagers about sex and its possible consequences, including teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Talking About Adoption

Discussing a child’s adoption is something that every parent must go about in their own way. This article describes reasons for discussing an adoption, and gives hints for talking with your children and others about adoption.

Growing Gardens

Tips for growing a garden with children — includes ideas about what to plant as well as how to keep kids interested in the project.

Summer to do List

A long list of things for children to do on summer break — some outdoors, some indoors, and some for groups of friends or siblings.