Using a Wii to Aid Fitness

If you’re looking for new ways of getting your children interested in fitness and exercising, then have you tried using a Wii?

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on the importance of encouraging children to develop a regular exercise habit and one of the problems can be finding something that they enjoy.

Since the arrival of the Nintendo Wii on the technology market, increased opportunities have opened up for families wanting to get children exercising regularly and enjoying it.

One of the major benefits of the Wii is that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

Playing a game that involves mimicking the way that sports or exercises are carried out are cleverly designed to feel like simply good fun, but whilst being actively involved in the game, children do gain from the physical benefits too.

Another highly attractive feature of the Wii is that anyone can have a go.

Many families have found that having a Wii is something that they can all enjoy together, which helps create another common interest for families and gets them exercising as a family unit.

For parents who are short on time and have trouble fitting in visits to the gym, the Wii gives them the benefit of some exercise whilst also being at home and playing with their children.

Tips for Using the Wii

There are a huge range of fitness and exercise games available for the Wii, so the chances are you’ll be able to find something for all members of the family to enjoy.

For example, there are popular sports, such as tennis, golf, football, snooker, table tennis or rugby, Olympic sports games that give you the opportunity to try all sorts, aerobic exercises, yoga or dance. It’s well worth having a browse through the types of games available as more are being developed all the time.

To start with, some of the games that offer the chance to have a go at a variety of different sports or exercises are a good bet. Be aware that some games will provide everyone who uses it with a profile of their fitness and weight, including a BMI.

The BMI (body mass index) is a useful figure for adults to be aware of, but children aged 18 and under should be encouraged to ignore it, as it is an inaccurate measurement for children, especially when they’re growing.

Wii games can be enjoyed on an individual basis and this can be a good way of building up regular exercise for a set period of time every day.

As a family, you can enjoy playing games against each other and the competition can be a good incentive for children.

There are plenty of other innovate ways in which the Wii can be incorporated into life. For example, why not try arranging a Wii themed party or afternoon for children?

It can be great fun dancing or playing tennis with their friends, but also gives them plenty of exercise as well.