Video: Spinning Spheres

In this short video Georgina Ridehalgh, of Fun Creations explains how to make Spinning Spheres with Children.

Video Transcript

Hello I’m Georgina Ridehalgh and I work under the name of Fun Creations. I deliver workshops for children between the ages of three and eleven, all art based. Today on behalf of Growing, I’m going to show you how to make a Spinning Sphere.

Firstly you need some A3 sized card, stickers and self-adhesive foam, some split pins and some fishing wire to hang. If you take your A3 piece of card, and using a ruler and a pencil, draw ten equal lines.

Take your scissors and cut these strips out. You can start to decorate them using the self-adhesive foam and your stickers. Again you can place them in an organised pattern or just random designs.

Once you have your ten strips decorated, you then need to punch holes in the top and bottom of each strip. The easiest and safest way is to use a hole punch.

Once you have all ten strips with holes punched in each end, take your split pin, gather up the strips in the order you wish to display them on the sphere, and using one of the holes at one end thread them onto the split pin. Do this with all ten strips, again open the pin, which can be tricky and flatten the back out. This will secure the strips, then you have ten strips secured together.

Next we have to transform the strips into a sphere shape. We do this by carefully fanning out the strips one by one, too much force could rip the strip. Carefully fan the strips out one by one, and arrange it in a spherical circular shape, like so.

Take a strip of fishing wire, secure it round the top (an adult may need to help or a friend to hold the sphere secure). Again arrange the sphere and there you have your spinning sphere.