Video: Twinkling Twirlers

In this short video Georgina Ridehalgh, of Fun Creations demonstrates how to make Twinkling Twirlers.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Georgina Ridehalgh and I work under the name of Fun Creations, I deliver art workshops to children between the ages of 3 and 11. Today on behalf of I am going to show you how to make twinkling twirlers.

To begin with you will need some foil card, some contrasting paper, glitter card, self-adhesive gems or stickers, some ribbon, glue sticks, scissors, a common household plate and some fishing wire to hang.

You will need to take your foil card, place it on the table with your side plate on top. Draw around your side plate and remove. Then in the circle you draw a spiral shape from the middle to the outer edge. Once your spiral’s drawn on your foil card take your contrasting piece of paper and glue it to the top, over the spiral, making sure you can see the spiral through the paper.

You should see a faint line of spiral through your paper, now take your scissors and cut the spiral out, being careful not to the previous spiral line you have already cut, like so. Place the spiral back into position and cut it from the card.

Turn the spiral over and decorate with self-adhesive gems or stickers. Once you have it fully decorated we need to make the dangling stars.

Cut 10 pieces of ribbon, approximately the length of a child’s hand or half the length of an adult hand. So we’ll cut that there like so.

Once you have your 10 pieces of ribbon, take your glitter card, put them face-to-face, draw 10 stars on and cut them out.

Once you have all your stars cut out take your glue stick and a piece of ribbon, glue one star on the back (plenty of glue), place your ribbon on, glue your second star face and glue them together.

Once it’s fully decorated and your 10 stars are attached, simply attach a strand of ribbon through the middle of the card, be careful when poking a hole through, an adult may need to help you with this part. Thread your ribbon or fishing wire through, tie it in a knot for it to secure.

Once it’s fully decorated with your gems and stars you will have a complete twinkling twirler.