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Bedwetting can be a real worry, but it’s actually very common. Discover the causes and practical ways of dealing with bedwetting in children. Read more

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Solving Behavioural Problems

Many children exhibit behavioural problems due to frustration. This article describes common behavioural problems exhibited by children and teens, and offers tips for solving behavioural problems and selecting a child therapist if needed. Read more

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Raising Cooperative Kids

Guidelines for raising helpful, cooperative children. Includes ideas about expectations, discipline, attitude, and being a positive role model. Read more

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Discipline That Works

At some time every parent will need to discipline their children. This article describes popular methods of discipline, and points for parents to remember to make disciplining their children something everyone will learn from. Read more

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Missing or Runaway Teens

Over 100,000 British teens runaway from home each year and this number only rises when missing teens are added. This article offers basic information for parents about the reasons teens may runaway or go missing. Read more

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Dealing with Aggressive Teen Behaviour

Dealing with aggressive teen behaviour can be difficult for patterns. This article offers parents basic information on observing their teen’s aggressive behaviour and finding help to put an end to aggressive teen behaviour. Read more

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Motivating Your Teen

Motivating your teen is a twenty four hour per day job. This article offers parents basic information on methods of supporting and motivating their teens. Read more

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Is my Teen Being Bullied?

Teen bullying is common in the UK today. This article offers parents basic information on warning signs of teen bullying and steps they can take to help their teen if (s)he is being bullied. Read more

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Dealing With a Grandchild’s Misbehaviour

Information for grandparents in regards to dealing with their grandchildren’s misbehaviour. Encourages cooperation between the children’s parents and grandparents but stresses that the final decision must be that of the parents. Read more

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Setting Discipline Limits

Ideas for grandparents regarding the disciplining of their grandchildren. Stresses the need for consistency, respectful interaction, and the need to honour the authority of children’s parents. Read more

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Respecting the Parents Authority

Advice for grandparents about maintaining a respect for the ultimate authority of their grandchildren’s parents. Stresses the need for respectful family communication. Read more