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Surviving the First Day at School

An article on how some simple plans and preparations beforehand will make the first day at a new school less stressful and more enjoyable for children and parents.


School Fees

Every parent of a school age child must budget for educational expenses. This article describes common, independent school fee structures, methods of payment, and types of assistance, as well as offers parents of children in state sponsored education advice on the types of hidden fees they may encounter.


Financing Kids Through University

Tips on securing financial assistance for paying for a college education. Includes information on grants, scholarships, and student loans.

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Helping Your Child do Well in School

Many parents are unsure of what they can do to help their child succeed at school. This article offers advice to help parents encourage literacy and numeracy, as well as supervise homework and test preparation, as paths to success.

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Preparing for College

Preparing for college can be a bittersweet time for students and parents. This article describes many of the tasks that will need to be completed during college preparations, and will help parents stay organised throughout this time.

Home schooling

Home Schooling

A look at home schooling — the pros and cons. Offers an unbiased look at the choice to home school children.

Exchange students

Exchange Student Opportunities

There are huge benefits for children and families in taking part in student exchange schemes. Discover the lowdown and why it’s a great idea to take part.

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Choosing a Nursery or Pre-School

Many parents have trouble deciding whether to send their child to a nursery or a pre-school. This article discusses the differences in these childcare options, and offers advice on what to look for when visiting settings in which you are considering placing your child.

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Dealing with Teenage Truancy

Every year hundreds of thousands of UK students engage in truancy. This article offers parents basic information on dealing with teenage truancy.

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Helping Teens with Schoolwork

Helping teens with schoolwork needn’t take a lot of time or effort. This article offers parents basic advice on helping teens with schoolwork.