Boy sat in front of a computer screen

Can Kids Become Addicted to Computers?

Today’s children have grown up with computers, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be on them constantly. This article discusses variables that might indicate computer addiction.

Teenager sleeping

Solving Teenage Sleep Problems

Is your teenager having sleep problems? This article looks at the common causes of teenage sleep problems and how they could be solved.

Teenager helping with the gardening

Getting Kids Involved in Voluntary Work

There are a wide variety of charities and non-profit organisations in the UK who rely on help from volunteers to help keep their services running and costs down. Volunteers are of all ages and it’s something that kids can get involved in too!

Boy with curly blonde hair

Clumsy Children and Dyspraxia

All children are clumsy sometimes, but for some children, the condition dyspraxia could be the underlying cause. Find out all about it, the symptoms and treatment.

Teenage girl wearing a pink top

Promoting Teen Health

This article discusses methods of showing your teenager the meaning of a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging healthful living in their daily lives.

Scary child nightmare image

Warning Signs for Nightmares

A look at nightmares in children — causes, typical scenarios, and how to help your child to feel safe and secure.

Boy reading aloud

Speech Therapy

Nearly 5% of children entering school in the UK have speech, language or swallowing difficulties. This article answers a variety of questions commonly asked about speech therapy for children.

Young boy with curly brown hair looking anxious

Social Anxiety Disorder

Many people may confuse suffering from social anxiety disorder with being shy. This article explains social anxiety disorder including common symptoms, causes and available treatments.

Boy and girl walking together in a meadow

Teaching Sharing

A guide to teaching young children to share and take turns. Offers ideas to help ease children into becoming generous with their belongings.

Childhood friends playing together

Making Friends

Advice on helping shy children overcome their fears and learn to make friends.


Talking to Teens About Sex

Ideas about talking to teenagers about sex and its possible consequences, including teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Cute girl

Developing Self Esteem

Self esteem is a gift parents give to their children. This article advises adults on traits displayed by children and teens with high and low self esteem, and offers tips on increasing self esteem in children when needed.


Gay and Lesbian Teens

A look at the challenges that face gay and lesbian teenagers, from self-acceptance to seeking the support of loved ones.

Mum and baby

Solving Baby Sleep Problems

Getting enough sleep may seem like an impossible task to the parents of babies. This articles offers advice on establishing a sleep routine that will help you all sleep like a baby.

Child wearing pink glasses

Glasses, Braces, and Self Esteem

Ideas about encouraging children and teens to celebrate their unique talents and skills instead of focusing merely on looks and worrying about being “different.”

Girl eating an apple

Developing Good Oral Hygiene

Developing good oral hygiene is your first line of defence for healthy teeth and gums. This article advises parents on developing good oral hygiene with their children.


Coping with a New Sibling

Adjusting to a new sibling in the family can be a tricky time. Find out how toddlers typically react, how to prepare them for change and what to do when a new baby arrives.

Teenager wearing a hoodie

Setting Ground Rules For Teens

Discussing ground rules with your teenager will help everyone in the family understand what is expected of them. This article highlights common issues that should be addressed during these discussions.

Child playing the piano

Music Lessons

A look at music lessons for children including tips on teaching methods, proper age for beginners, appropriate instruments, and parental guidance.

Child Psoriasis

Psoriasis in Children

A look at psoriasis, or plaque psoriasis — a condition that causes patches of red, scaly skin, including tips for helping kids understand and manage the condition.

Crying child

Sibling Conflicts

Sibling conflicts are common, if unpleasant, occurrences. This article describes sources of sibling conflicts, steps to avoiding sibling conflicts, and ways to mediate and resolve sibling conflicts.

Drugs sign

Keeping Kids Drug Free

Ideas on raising drug free kids including tips for establishing and enforcing rules, getting them involved in healthy activities, and setting a good example.


Stimulating Your Baby’s Intellect

Stimulating your baby’s intellect is a challenge all parents face, so follow these tips for easy activities that will nurture your baby’s development.

Dental treatment

Orthodontic Treatments

A look at orthodontic treatments to correct malocclusion, or dental misalignments. Includes information about treatment options as well advancements in orthodontic appliances.

Boy chopping wood with an axe

Age Appropriate Chores

Children learn responsibility from helping with chores around the house and garden. Discover age appropriate chores in this article.

Smiling girl

Raising Happy Kids

Parents may not be able to make their children happy, but they can certainly raise their children to be healthy, confident and resilient. This article provides tips for raising healthy, confident and resilient children who will be inclined to lead happy lives.

Mother with toddler at a diner

Eating Out With Pre-Schoolers

Tips for restaurant eating with a preschool aged child. Includes ideas about restaurant choices, table manners, and kid-friendly food choices.

worried child

Talking to Kids About Illness

Speaking with your children about an illness can be an awful experience. This article suggests methods of talking to kids about illness, and offers advice on finding support when needed.

Shy child

Overcoming Shyness

Many children display signs of shyness. This article offers advice on easing shy children through social situations, and offers tips to parents on supporting children attempting to overcome shyness.

Happy, healthy teenage girl

Encouraging a Healthy Attitude

Teenagers are faced with a variety of decisions every day, and not all of them lead to a healthy lifestyle. Discuss healthy attitudes and activities with your teen to make sure you both understand all aspects of a healthy life.

Teen with tattoos

Encouraging a Healthy Body Image

A look at body image and ways to encourage kids and teens to have a healthy, positive view of themselves. Includes tips on boosting self esteem.

Empty bench signifying death

Talking to Kids About Death

Talking to kids about death can be both frightening and confusing. This article describes why talking to children about death is important, and offers hints for helping your talk go smoothly.

Breaking the tobacco habit

Keeping Kids Smoke Free

Over 100,000 UK teens begin smoking each year. This article discusses methods to keep your child from starting to smoke, and hints on how to help your child quit.

Boy learning to swim

Learning to Swim

Learning to swim can be a scary and frustrating experience for children. This article presents a few points to consider when your child begin swimming lessons.

Fat teenager

Obesity in Teens

Worried that your teen could be obese? Find out the leading causes of obesity and what you, as parents, can do to help your teen.

Parent and children walking through a flower meadow

Talking About Adoption

Discussing a child’s adoption is something that every parent must go about in their own way. This article describes reasons for discussing an adoption, and gives hints for talking with your children and others about adoption.

Happy child

Raising Courteous Kids

Raising courteous kids will be a breeze after reading the tips offered in this article. From the Golden Rule to table manners, this article helps parents to etiquette success.

Teenage complexion

Teenager Skin Care

A look at proper teenage skin care including cleansing, sun protection, and acne treatments.

Father and child

Talking to Kids About Divorce

Talking to children about divorce can be an ordeal. This article describes methods of talking to your children to generate a productive, reassuring discussion and helping them through this initial surprise.

Teenage girl

Career Guidance for Teens

Recent studies show that most teens hope to be happy in their future careers. This article describes advice and support parents can give to their teens as they discuss option for future careers and offer career guidance.


Hearing Problems

A look at hearing problems in infants and children, including causes, methods of diagnosis, and possible treatment options.

Gay couple walking on cliff top

Gay and Lesbian Parents

A look at families with gay or lesbian parents, including the unique difficulties that they may face.

Baby sucking a dummy

Break Thumb Sucking or Pacifier Habit

Ideas for helping a child break the thumb sucking habit or give up a dummy. Includes tips for effectively using praise and rewards, as well as products that may help in stubborn cases.

Boy and girl on their mobiles

Children and Mobile Phones

This article discusses basic steps parents can take to keep their children safe, such as discussing when, where and how they use their phones, as well as installing tracking software on the phones.

Parent and child walking together

Walking and Talking

A look at the developmental milestones of walking and talking, including typical ages that most babies begin to do both.

Boy reading a book

Dyslexia in Children

A look at the signs that may indicate that a child or adult is dyslexic, divided by age group. Encourages parents to seek a professional diagnosis.

Twin girls

Making Time For Multiples

Advice for parents of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) on finding time to have fun as well as to get things done.


Persistent Ear Infections

It’s no fun being susceptible to persistent ear infections. Find out why some children may have an increased risk and the symptoms involved.

Anxious baby

Separation Anxiety

A look at separation anxiety in babies and toddlers, including tips for easier departures.

Teenage girl

Talking to Teens About Pregnancy

Advice on talking to teenagers about unplanned pregnancy. Includes tips on getting a conversation started as well as reasons to postpone pregnancy until adulthood.

Teenage boy sat on wall

Dealing With Peer Pressure

Many teens are faced with peer pressure issues at some point. Find out how you can deal with it, without battling with your child.

Child with very large pair of glasses

Specs vs Contact Lenses

If your kids need glasses, what are the best options and should you consider contact lenses? Discover the facts about glasses and lenses.

Exercising on a trampoline

The Importance of Exercise for Kids

A look at the importance of exercise for kids — stresses the physical, emotional, and social benefits of exercise. Includes advice for incorporating activity into the lives of kids and families.

Girl with long red hair dancing

Music and Movement

A look at the benefits of music and movement, whether at home or enrollment in organized classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Child's eye examination

Visual Problems

Visual impairments vary between easily corrected to a severe handicap. This article describes common visual impairments in the UK, and offers advice on how to have visual impairments diagnosed.

Bored boy

Beat Winter Lethargy

Boredom often sets in for even the most imaginative of children in the winter. This article offers a selection of activities to help beat winter lethargy.

Contraceptive pills

Talking to Kids About Sex

A quick guide for parents about talking to their children about sex. Includes advice on approaching the topic in small, manageable doses.

Anxious boy

Stuttering in Children

Stuttering in children can be a real worry to parents. Find out why it occurs, what you can do about it and how you can do the best to help your child.

Sad teenager

Teenager Depression

A look at depression in teenagers — the symptoms, causes, and treatments. Includes tips for helping your teenage child cope with depression.


Communicating Through Baby Signing

This article discusses the benefits of using sign language with babies and children, not just for those who are deaf or partially hearing.