Teenager sleeping

Solving Teenage Sleep Problems

Is your teenager having sleep problems? This article looks at the common causes of teenage sleep problems and how they could be solved.

Teenager helping with the gardening

Getting Kids Involved in Voluntary Work

There are a wide variety of charities and non-profit organisations in the UK who rely on help from volunteers to help keep their services running and costs down. Volunteers are of all ages and it’s something that kids can get involved in too!

Child wearing pink glasses

Glasses, Braces, and Self Esteem

Ideas about encouraging children and teens to celebrate their unique talents and skills instead of focusing merely on looks and worrying about being “different.”

Child playing the piano

Music Lessons

A look at music lessons for children including tips on teaching methods, proper age for beginners, appropriate instruments, and parental guidance.

Baby boy

Stimulating Your Baby’s Intellect

Stimulating your baby’s intellect is a challenge all parents face, so follow these tips for easy activities that will nurture your baby’s development.

Mother with toddler at a diner

Eating Out With Pre-Schoolers

Tips for restaurant eating with a preschool aged child. Includes ideas about restaurant choices, table manners, and kid-friendly food choices.

Exercising on a trampoline

The Importance of Exercise for Kids

A look at the importance of exercise for kids — stresses the physical, emotional, and social benefits of exercise. Includes advice for incorporating activity into the lives of kids and families.


Using a Wii to Aid Fitness

There are a huge range of fitness and exercise games available for the Wii which all of the family can use. So why not have a go and discover the benefits of using a Wii for fun and fitness.