Phenylalanine symbol

All About PKU

PKU is a genetic condition in which the body can not synthesise protein and a build up of the amino acid phenylalanine results. This article explains the causes of PKU and discusses the treatments available for PKU today.

Formula feeding

Formula Milk Pros and Cons

A look at the pros and cons of feeding an infant formula as the main source of nutrition. Covers convenience, cost, and the mother’s dietary considerations.


Introducing Cow’s Milk

Advice on switching babies from breast milk or formula to cow’s milk. Includes information on the appropriate age as well as how to make the transition.

A bowl of hazelnuts

Food Allergies

Food allergies are common in young children, but this does not mean that they are comfortable. This article describes common symptoms of food allergies as well as the types of foods that often trigger allergies, and offers advice on diagnosing and treating food allergies.

Toddler with a bowl of fruit

A Healthy Toddler Diet

An overview of a healthy toddler diet. Includes recommendations on serving a variety of whole foods and offers guidelines for snacking.

Breakfast cereal full of unhealthy additives

E Numbers to Avoid

Health specialists around the world are becoming increasingly convinced that the additives in processed foods are firmly linked to the dramatic rise in children’s allergies.

Child eating chips

Picky Eaters

Up to two thirds of children engage in picky eating. This article discusses causes of picky eating, describes helpful hints for parents of picky eaters, and offers advice on when to worry if picky eating is affecting your child’s health.


All About Breastfeeding

An overview of breastfeeding — the advantages as well as the challenges. Covers both physical and emotional considerations for both mother and baby.

Milk Bottles

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance can cause all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, but why does it occur and how can you deal with it?

Bottle feeding

All About Bottle Feeding

A look at bottle feeding, its advantages and disadvantages, including a comparison of the quality of breast milk and commercially prepared infant formula.


Guide to Vitamins

To keep your children in optimum health, ensuring that they meet their daily vitamin needs is necessary. This vitamin guide will help familiarise you with common vitamins needed for children and teens before you discuss them with your GP.

Hyperactive child

Hyperactivity and Diet

An examination of the role of diet in hyperactivity. A look at the Feingold Method, sugar consumption, and nutritional deficiencies.


Is Salt Necessary?

Before you sprinkle your plate with salt, find out the facts. Do we really need salt, how much should children have and what are the health risks of salt?

Girl playing with green leaf vegetables

Encouraging New Foods

Tips and advice on encouraging children to try new foods. How to encourage children to be healthy and adventurous eaters.


Bottled Water Vs Tap

The many options for drinking water today can be confusing, but when you get right down to it the debate about tap water and bottled water really rests on personal preferences. This article examines the benefits of tap water and bottled water to help you decide.

Sliced bread

Gluten Free

Children may be advised to follow a gluten free diet for a variety of reasons. This article describes common conditions that call for a gluten free diet, offers easy alternatives to products with gluten, and provides inspiration for making gluten free meals and snacks.

Green vegetables

Kids and Vegetarianism

Advice for parents considering a vegetarian diet for their children. Offers dietary advice as well as reasons supporting the superiority of a plant based diet.

Dairy cow

Lactose Free Diet

Lactose intolerance is a fairly common and totally manageable condition. This article answers frequently asked questions about lactose intolerance and discusses living with a lactose free diet.

Toddler eating pasta and vegetables

Ensuring Good Toddler Nutrition

Ideas for teaching your toddler to develop healthy eating habits. Includes tips on appropriate portion sizes as well as ways to help your kids be happy eaters.

Children peeling vegetables

Teaching Children How to Cook

One of the greatest things we can teach our children is how to cook. A variety of lessons can be learned in the kitchen, and under your supervision is the best place for kids to learn many types of cooking skills.

Feeding baby

Weaning and First Foods

Advice on feeding babies after the first six months of life. Includes tips on first foods, watching for food allergies, and transitioning from breast milk or formula to cow’s milk.