Family Outings

You’re all finally gathered together and about to set off on a much-needed family outing. But how do you ensure the day goes with a swing, with no last minute hitches and no bickering?

It’s lovely to enjoy a good family outing as often as you can, but with our busy lives, they often don’t come around that often. This makes it even more important that when you do get a chance to spend some quality time together, that the day goes well. But as every family surely knows, things can go wrong when you’re trying to bring several generations together!

Even when it’s just you and the kids, they can fall out with each other, get annoyed with you, be grumpy about where you’re going or decide they don’t want to come at all. But with a bit of forward planning, lots of patience and diplomacy, you can deal with any problems and have a great day out. Here are some useful tips to employ.

Choose an Outing Carefully

When you first begin to plan where to go and what to do on your family outing, choose it carefully. To avoid disappointment and falling out, it’s best to try and pick something that will appeal to everyone – or at least offer some form of compromise if it’s not up to everyone’s taste. For example, you could visit a museum that you’re son would be interested in and then follow it up with a visit to a wildlife park that your daughter loves.

Cater for All Ages

When your kids are different ages, or you’re taking along older generations of the family such as aunts, uncles or grandparents, it’s invariably difficult to cater for all ages. But you do need to consider everyone’s needs and interests and do the best you can to find somewhere that will appeal to everyone. For example, if you’re going to a steam museum with rides, the chances are both the children and older generations will enjoy it. But if you’re going to a theme park, it might not be to everyone’s taste, so ensure there are shops or cafes where the others can have a sit down and a rest.

Take Things To Do On the Way…

One of the parts of the day notorious for people falling out is the travelling itself. This is especially so if you’ve got to go far, whether by train, coach or car. To avoid niggles and grumps on the way, take plenty of things for your kids to do. It’s easy to do colouring or puzzles, or read books or magazines, on trains, but not quite so practical in the car. Instead, in the car you could play family games, like I Spy or making up words from car number plates, or you could all enjoy listening to an audio book.

…and Take Things to Do During the Day

It’s also worth packing the car with any additional things to do during the day. There’s nothing like a good game to help family bonding, especially with different age groups. So hunt down your bats and balls, put the cricket stumps in the boot, don’t forget the football and ensure the Frisbee is in. You’re sure to find somewhere suitable for a quick game or two.

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