Fun Outings

Grandparents are in a unique position in that they get to enjoy all of the fun parts of being around children without the enormous responsibilities that parents bear.

Because of this grandchildren often see their grandparents as terrific playmates and outings with grandparents just might top their list of favourite things to do.

Getting to Know Grandparents

One of the best things about children is that they are usually open to new experiences. Grandparents who hope to enjoy adventures with their grandkids need only ask and they are likely to have enthusiastic companions.

Introducing grandchildren to the places and activities that their grandparents enjoy is a good way for the kids to learn that there is more to their parents’ parents than the side that they already know.

Often, presenting kids with opportunities to share a hobby with their grandparents sparks new interests in them which may lead to a lifelong interest in the hobby, too.

Getting to Know Grandchildren

While kids will surely enjoy learning about the things that their grandparents like to do, they would also find it fun to “teach” their grandparents about their own hobbies and interests.

Grandparents who are willing to allow their grandkids to suggest fun activities and outings are sure to find that the children are unique and interesting people, in addition to being adorable!

When possible, it is nice for grandparents to set aside time to spend with each of their grandchildren on a one-on-one basis. This can make it easier to choose an activity that appeals to the child, provides opportunity for great conversations, and gives each child a sense that they are special.

When taking the children out individually isn’t possible, compromise will undoubtedly be necessary so that everyone has a good time.

Kids of different ages are likely to have varying opinions about the definition of a fun day, but by encouraging the kids to take turns choosing activities, grandparents can help them to learn valuable lessons about fairness and compromise.

Safety Matters

Grandparents who plan to transport their grandchildren by car need to be aware of the current laws regarding the use of infant and child car seats and seatbelts.

Compared to a generation ago, laws regarding child safety have gotten much stricter. If the grandparents plan to take their grandchildren frequently, they may want to consider purchasing appropriate car seats; for occasional outings, it makes more sense to borrow a seat from the child’s parents.

While used car seats may be readily available and inexpensive, grandparents should exercise caution if choosing to purchase one to be sure that they haven’t been the subject of a manufacturer’s safety recall.

Keeping it Simple

Kids are pretty easy to please. It is not necessary to spend oodles of money or plan extravagant outings to impress them — in fact, the opposite is usually true.

Children tend to enjoy simple activities the most, which is good news for grandparents. A day of fishing or an outing to the zoo are fun for most kids, as are camping trips and picnics.

It’s always a good idea to get kids outside whenever possible since today’s kids spend far too much time cooped up and sedentary. Physical activities, such as hiking or golf are good for kids, and may help them to develop an interest in outdoor activity.

Learning and Having Fun

Children do a lot of their learning while they are “hard at play,” so smart grandparents plan activities that are also good learning experiences. Trips to concerts featuring varying styles of music are fun for kids and museums, especially those geared toward children, encourage young minds while providing a day’s entertainment.

Many children’s museums offer hands-on exhibits, which engage kids and spark their imaginations much better than the “mustn’t touch” displays.

Another great way to make learning fun is to immerse a child in a particular experience. One good way to do this is to gather information about an unfamiliar country or culture, either by reading about it or finding an appropriate video and then planning an outing around the newly learned information.

After that, grandparents may wish to take their grandchild to an art gallery or museum that provides examples of the history or products of that culture and the day can be made complete with a visit to restaurant that serves the country’s traditional cuisine.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

No matter whether outings are geared toward exercise, education, or simply time to bond, the most important aspect of grandparent and grandchild get-togethers is fun. Grandparents who know how to laugh and be a little silly are sure to make their grandkids happy.

And after all, that was always the goal, right?

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