Parenting Your Young Child When You are a Grandparent

A few generations ago, most people chose to have their children while they were in their twenties, but today, many people are having children in midlife, often planning babies even after their oldest kids are grown and on their own.

Parenting a young child who is roughly the same age as a grandchild comes with its own unique challenges, to be sure, but the joys are immense.

Dealing with Jealousy

One of the biggest challenges facing grandparents who are also parents of young children may be keeping everyone happy and avoiding actions that promote jealousy amongst the children. Both children and grandchildren have specific expectations and enjoy being in the limelight, so it’s important to make time to see that each child gets ample attention.

Depending on how close the families live to one another, children born to midlife couples and the grandchildren of those couples may feel more like siblings than they do aunt/uncle and niece/nephew.

If they get to see one another regularly and have common interests, the sense of jealousy can be minimised if the kids are allowed and encouraged to participate in activities together so that none feels that the others are more privileged.

The Challenges of Being a Parent and a Grandparent

Oftentimes, grandparents are rather indulgent with their grandchildren, spending both time and money in ways that please the kids. When grandparents are still busy raising their own kids, however, they may have a shortage of both spare time and funds to use indulging the whims of grandchildren.

House rules for grandchildren are typically lax compared to those that their parents were expected to honour, but when the youngest children are about the same age as grandchildren, it is less likely that the grandparents can have two sets of rules, one for their children and another, more flexible one for the grand-kids.

That would be sure to cause hard feelings and nobody wants that, so the boundaries for both need to be the same.

Share and Share Alike

Obviously, grandparents who are still raising their own children cannot cater to the every desire of their grandchildren, but that doesn’t mean that the grand-kids won’t feel that they are adored by their doting grandparents.

Many people have fond memories of their grandparents, and for most, the memories that they hold most dear are those of happy times spent together.

Grandparents who shower their grand-kids with affection and let them know that they are valued will win a special place in the hearts of their grandchildren.

It doesn’t take an enormous amount of time or limitless funds to give grandchildren the things that matter most. It simply takes an open heart and a willingness to show grandchildren that they are precious and adored.

The Importance of Keeping Fit

Children are typically energetic and enthusiastic about playing actively. For parents who have both grown children and young children, staying fit is often a top priority.

Keeping up with kids requires ample energy, flexibility, strength, and endurance – all of which are components of fitness.

So while eating well and making time for daily exercise is important for everyone, it is required for those who are juggling the responsibilities of busy lives, raising kids, and playing with their grandchildren.

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