Encouraging Participation in ‘Life Sports’

As children, most of us were naturally active. We ran, jumped, swam, and rode our bikes almost every day. All of this physical activity helped us to build strong bodies and maintain a healthy weight.

Unfortunately, as we grew up, we gave up the games of our youth. All too soon, our metabolisms slowed and we noticed the scale creeping up a bit and our waistlines expanding.

Not too many adults use a skipping rope or play hopscotch, but being active throughout our lives is a vital component to good health.

Life Sports

Life sports is a term used to describe activities that people are likely to continue throughout their lives, as opposed to those that are largely enjoyed exclusively by children.

Active lives are usually healthy lives, so we should do all that we can to encourage our children’s interest in sports that they will continue enjoying into adulthood. Golf, swimming, tennis, and cycling are good examples of life sports.


Golf is a great sport, often enjoyed by enthusiasts from early childhood through to retirement.

When the course is walked as opposed to cart ridden, a day of golfing provides a good workout along with an opportunity to socialise.


Swimming is a wonderful way to maintain good health. Whether for competition or pleasure, water sports offer a whole body workout that is appropriate for all ages.

Even through stages of life when some other forms of activity may be difficult, such as pregnancy, swimming is often comfortable and safe.

Water exercise classes are ideal for those suffering from arthritis and are often recommended by doctors for people who wish to get fit, but need a low impact workout.


Racquet sports are popular worldwide, and with good reason. Sports such as tennis provide a great workout and opportunities to play are readily available.

Both outdoor and indoor courts are easily found in most towns and purchasing equipment is easy and inexpensive. This combination makes tennis a good choice for a continuing life activity.


Most children love riding their bicycles. Many adults enjoy a leisurely ride now and then, but done regularly, cycling provides terrific health benefits.

Cardiovascular health is improved by regular bike riding, and cyclists enjoy an overall toned, fit physique.

Additionally, the opportunity to get outside and be free from work responsibilities makes cycling a terrific way to stay healthy throughout life.

Spark Their Interest

Children are often open to trying a variety of sports and activities, especially when their parents get involved, too.

Try to make time to introduce your children to many different sports and athletic activities, both team oriented and individual.

When they show an interest in a particular activity, encourage them by cheering at the side-lines or by playing along with them, side by side.

The particular type of activity that they settle on doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that they enjoy themselves.

Try running, skiing, bowling, horseback riding, or merely going for an after dinner walk.

By finding some activities that they find pleasurable, you are giving them a gift that will last throughout their lives – a healthy, active, lifestyle.

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