Using Mobile Phones

While there is nothing quite like a face to face visit with grandchildren sometimes grandparents who live far away have to settle for the next best thing, which is hearing their sweet voices over the phone.

Mobile phones have made it possible to talk to loved ones from virtually any location, allowing family members to keep in close contact even when they are miles apart.

Budget Friendly Calling Plans

Compared to a few years ago, cellular phones have become much more affordable, with virtually all companies offering a variety of calling plans designed to meet the needs of many different types of customers. Choosing a plan is important because charges for minute overages can add a substantial amount to the bill, yet at the same time, it is senseless to consistently pay for a larger plan than what is actually needed.

Some mobile companies offer an option which counts only the minutes to people who choose a different carrier. When this is the case, grandparents who use the same mobile company as their grandchildren can talk endlessly without any chance of incurring overage charges.

Many cellular companies have most of the information that is necessary to make a sound decision available right on their websites, eliminating the need to sit face-to-face with a salesperson who is sure to tell every customer that their company offers the best plans.

Options, Options, and More Options

Phones are no longer simple items with merely the ability to connect two voices together in conversation. Most modern mobile phones have a number of capabilities beyond voice communication.

Many people choose camera phones for a number of reasons. While the photo quality is typically not as good as a regular digital camera might offer, the pictures are sufficiently viewable for sharing with phone buddies.

Grandkids can take a quick snapshot of themselves (maybe even a video clip, depending on the phone) and Grandma can be viewing it in mere moments.

In addition to camera phones, many mobiles allow the user to browse the web and check email, right from the phone. These options can be especially handy for grandparents who are always on the go.

Text messaging is another popular option, allowing one person to send another a written message on their phone screen.

While it can be a little tricky to get used to, once a few text messages have been sent and received, the process becomes second nature.

Phone Buddies

Establishing a set time to talk can be beneficial so that both grandparents and grandchildren can make themselves available for in depth conversations.

While spur of the moment, “I just couldn’t wait to tell you this!” calls are great, sometimes people get so busy that without a little planning, they find that they miss more calls than they actually take.

This habit of playing ‘phone tag’ is a common occurrence in today’s busy world, so setting up a weekly phone date can help grandchildren to know that they will be hearing from their grandparents and can look forward to the call.

Keeping Up to Date

Grandparents are often impressed by their grandchildren’s skills and abilities. The use of mobiles, like most methods of modern communication, seems to be a place where children excel.

Open to new technology, kids are often far ahead of their parents and grandparents when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the newest gadgets. Grandparents need not worry, though.

Their grandchildren are sure to understand how to work all of the features on the phone but if they live too far away to offer a quick lesson, the grandchild of a friend can always step in to lend a hand!

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